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62nd FCEM World Congress, 21st-25th Sept 2014, Taipei, TAIWAN





With the support of the Council of Federation of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation. For twenty years, on the initiative of the St. Petersburg Social and Economic Institute, the conference "Women Changing the World" gathers the female leaders, politicians, entrepreneurs, scientists, heads of public organizations from the regions of Russia, the member countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States, the Baltic states, European and Northern countries, the United States of America, Asia and Africa in order to provide an opportunity for governments and civil society to share experience in the implementation of projects aimed at the development of democracy and international humanitarian cooperation, and promote the development of professional and personal contacts. The purpose of the conference is the promotion of cooperation of professional women in various fields at the international and national levels. The main theme of the conference in 2013 is "The Role of Women in Economic and Cultural Integration". Partners in the organization of the conference are: Union of Women of Russia, Platform "Dialogue Europe-Asia "Yes?, All-Russian public organization "Society of Knowledge".


61th FCEM World Congress Marrakech 25-27 September 2013

61th FCEM Congress Under the Theme: " Women Entrepreneurs: guaranted values for a sustainable performance" in Grand Mogador Palace By Royal Tulip, Mogador Palais des congres de Marrakech Under the patronage of His Majesty the king Mohammed VI . Throughout the past 61 years, FCEM has displayed tremendous commitment towards helping women in the implementation and success of their business projects, as well as in advancement of their leadership through education, networking and national recognition in respect to values of solidarity, caring, sharing, no matter the differences.


FCEM World Committee, April 24-27, 2013, France, Marseille

Mrs Laura Frati Gucci welcomed the board members. She is happy to be in France the founder country of FCEM and thanks Marie-Christine Oghly, President FCE France and Reyne Cienzo for organizing the FCEM World Committee in Marseille. She thanked the members present at the committee who developed FCEM, Reyne Cienzo, Honorary Vice-President, Mrs. Leila Khaiat and Mrs Fran?oise Foning, Honorary President with mandate, Mrs. Etta Carignani, Honorary General Secretary. The World Committee was placed under the slogan ?Innovation, Success and Solidarity?. Mrs Frati Gucci asked the participants at this committee to intensify the sharing of experience between members of the association and realize objectives to ensure greater fairness for members of FCEM, particularly in countries in crisis.


Two-part documentary Presentation about world ballet star Rudolf Nureyev ? ?Rudolf Nureyev. Rebellious demon?

Two-part documentary Presentation about world ballet star Rudolf Nureyev ? ?Rudolf Nureyev. Rebellious demon?. His 75th anniversary of the birth and the 20th anniversary of the death the whole world celebrate this year. The film has been produced with the partial financial support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, organizational support of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Bashkortostan and with the assistance of film studio "Bashkortostan". Anchorman of the film is National Artist of Russia Andris Liepa who in spite of all the authorities` prohibitions met Rudolf Nureyev and was his friend. Filming took place in Ufa, Kazan, St. Petersburg, Paris, Moscow and Mogilev. The world premiere of the film with the participation of Andris Liepa started January 24 in St. Petersburg, then held at the Russian Centre of Science and Culture (Paris). Premieres have had great success in the mass media both in Russian Federation and abroad. We are preparing premieres in celebration of the anniversary of Rudolf Nureyev in Monaco, London, Italy, Qatar, at the 66th Cannes Film Festival, the 35th Moscow International Film Festival, at the opening of the Museum of Rudolf Nureyev in Moulins (France) and others. It is planned to present the film as in the competitive programs of major international film and television festivals, cinemas and television channels around the world.


60th FCEM World Congress, September 22-26, 2012, Germany, Berlin

The program of the 60th FCEM World Congress was very interesting , all the activities were carried out at the highest level: German Chancellor Angela Merkel made a presentation, the Federal President of Germany Joachim Gauck held a reception at, attended by the Minister of Economy and many other interesting personalities, have been many interesting meetings . German Association of women entrepreneurs VDU moves forward and develops its membership and activity. Elections were held and a new president had been elected - Stephanie Bschorr, young and active woman . In conjunction with the FCEM World Congress a draft cooperation plan in economic terms between our organizations and countries had been worked out, including the Russian and German Chamber of Commerce.


May 8-12, 2012, FCEM World Committee, Yeosu, South Korea


59th FCEM World Congress, November 1-4, 2011, Merida, Yucatan, MEXICO

After welcoming all the participants, the World President thanked the National Presidents, Regional Commissioners and members of the Steering Committee who had sacrificed their time, money and business for this long trip to Merida. This showed their willingness to ensure that the FCEM prospered and remained the world leader.


Exhibition of photographs and engravings with views of the city of Milan in Yusupov Palace in St. Petersburg

Exhibition of photographs and engravings with views of the city of Milan in Yusupov Palace in St. Petersburg collected by Milan largest cultural institutions, such as a photographic archive Urban, Urban collection of prints «A. Bertarelli », Municipal Historical Archives , Library Trivultsiana Sforzesco Castle and the Brera Academy of Fine Arts . Originality and the value of the exposure is that the photos showing the city XIX century engravings match that mimic the photographic view of the city or landmark , but ... a few decades earlier. So you can see how varied Milan while retaining its uniqueness and continuity of development, due to which it has become a cultural and economic center of the united states. For us this exhibition is also important because it enables you to get to know this amazing city, its history and culture. A culture and art, as you know - expressions of life of individuals and people. Understand them, then find the key to understanding each other. For St. Petersburg Milan is of particular importance, as is the twin city of St. Petersburg. Both cities are linked decades of fruitful cooperation in various fields. I thank all who contributed to the realization of the idea of this project. In the year of Russian culture and Russian language in the Republic of Italy and Italian Culture and Language in Russia, proclaimed by the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev in 2011 , I want to express my conviction that the development of relations between the Italian and the Russian public will strengthen the cultural, political and economic relations, and thereby deepen mutual understanding and friendship.


Saint Petersburg "Before and After" San Pietroburgo incontra Milano Business - arte - cultura

AWBR - Association "Women and Business" Russia in cooperation with the Fund "Centro per lo sviluppo dei rapporti Italia Russia" and the Italian-Russian Chamber of Commerce at direct participation of the President of the Fund and the Chamber Mr. Rosario Alessandrello carried out the project "St.-Petersburg "Before and After" in St.-Petersburg from October, 16-th till October, 19-th, 2011. The project "St. Petersburg "Before and After" ¿ is devoted to the year of the Russian culture and Russian language in Italy and the Italian culture and the Italian language in Russia, proclaimed by the President of the Russian Federation, and included into the official plan of events of St.'Petersburg Association of International Cooperation. This project was born as a result of acquaintance and the subsequent dialogue between successful professional business people of two megacities. The project has developed and has extended, having caused interest in the governmental and business circles, the state structures of Italy. Development of the project and its planning is based on the opportunity to discuss prospect of business cooperation between business people of Russia and Italy while cultural roots of interaction bring to the forefront a stylistic print, communication of ancient city architecture of twin cities St.-Petersburg and Milan. The business bridge keeps the traditions of imperial Russia connected with such names of architects of the eighteenth century, as Francesco Bartolomeo Rastrelli, Antonio Rinaldi, Giacomo Quarenghi, Carlo Rossi, strengthening connection between Italy and Russia. Within the limits of the project in Milan (Italy) from March, 20-Lh till March. 24-th 2011 business'to'business meetings of the Russian business people delegation with the Italian representatives of business have passed, supported by the Ma}ror of Milan; Fund "Centro per lo sviluppo dei rapporti Italia Russia" and the Italian-Russian Chamber of Commerce; at participation Assolombarda, one of the largest associations of businessmen of Italy; under patronage of the Regional Council of Lombardy and the Province of Milan.


FCEM Elective world committee Mauritius 25-28 May 2011

The FCEM Elective World Committee has been held in Mauritius from 25th to 28th of May 2011, and has been presided by the Wolrd President Francoise Foning, and organised by Patricia Day Hookoomsing, AMFCE President with the support of the regional commissioner for the african programs and the second Secretary General Aline Wong on the theme: "The Women entrepreneurs: Motors of the economic progress". The program of this committe has been rich : with a conference with the intervention of the COMESA ( comon market for Southern and East Africa , of the OIC (Commission for the Indian Ocean), and the Chamber of Commerce of Mauritius . On saturday morning the former AMFCE President and actual president of the National Council of women entrepreneurs, Mala Chetty has organised a meeting B 2 B with the participation and the support of the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development, The investment council of Mauritius. The associations of Brazil and Peru became full members and the associations of Madagascar and Comores became obersver members and a new important convention of partnership has been signed between FCEM and the Commission for the Indian Ocean. The National Presidents and the members of the Steering Committe have elected Laura Frati Gucci as the new World President and Francoise Foning has been nominated Honorary President with mandate.


May 20, 2011, FCEM Day


March 20-24, 2011, "Saint-Petersburg "Before and After", Italy, Milano

In the framework of the Official Year of Russian culture and Russian language in Italy and Italian Culture and Language in Russia from 20th to 24th of March 2011 in Milan , with the support of the Mayor of Milan Mme. Letizia Moratti, Municipality of Milan and the Italian- Russian Chamber of Commerce , with participation of Assolombarda, one of the largest business associations in Italy (www.assolombarda.it), delegation of Russian businessmen met with Italian business representatives. Successful implementation of the project in Milan became possible due to the contribution of the Association of Women Entrepreneurs (AIDDA), Assolombarda (Confindustria) and the Bank UniCredit, under the patronage of the Council of the Lombardy Region , Province and the mayor of Milan, the Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Milan , the Italian Consulate General in St. Petersburg , the Italian Cultural Institute in St. Petersburg and the National Chamber of Italian Fashion , project curator Ludmila Chubatiuk ( LLC "Demetra" , Russia ) , Daniele Rossi Cattaneo and Elisa Greco (Studio Rossi Cattaneo & Partners, Italy) .


AWBR ("Association" Women and Business" Russia) was the official sponsor of Saint-Petersburg week "Woman of the Year 2011". An international conference on women's entrepreneurship "Woman of the new century", the exhibition "Woman of the new century", round tables: "Petersburg for women", "female entrepreneurship - problems and development ", "Women's Health and objectives of cancer prevention " were held.


The objective of this meeting was to find business partners in Russia for Israeli entrepreneurs, as well as to find opportunities for joint business projects. The Israeli business representatives expressed interest in getting acquainted with the members of the AWBR (Association "Women and Business" Russia) and proposed to hold a series of meetings B to B in Tel Aviv. Israeli entrepreneurs are willing to negotiate at the highest level with the participation of the Mayor of Tel Aviv. The meeting resulted in an agreement to hold thematic roundtables on business sectors.


58th FCEM Congress, Florence, Italy, 19-23 October 2010

FCEM World President Francoise Foning presided over the 58th FCEM Congress that was held in Italy, Florence from the 19 to the 23 October 2010, organised by Laura Frati Gucci President of AIDDA and FCEM Vice-President, held under the patronage of the Italian President, the Minister of Labour and Social Policy, the President of the Senat, the foreign ministries, the Minister of Economic Development, with the participation of the OECD on the theme: "New technologies - new economy". The FCEM World President Francoise Foning, The FCEM Honorary President by mandate Leyla Khaiat, The FCEM Secretary General and the AIDDA Honorary President Etta Carignani, the members of the World steering have picked up the main points and the Follow-up activitiesog the FCEM 57th World Congress of Yaounde in Cameroun and of the World Committee of Cancun, Mexico. During the 58th FCEM World congress , the association of : ADAME Dominican Republic became Observator Member, OMEU from Uruguay, AWEN from Nigeria. Moreover a new agreement of partnership has been signed between FCEM and ISIAO (Istituto Italiano per l'Africa et l'Oriente) . Organised in Florence, center of culture and creativity, the congress was dedicated to the statuary meetings but also to a program composed of conferences and workshops on the theme: "Feminine Leadership and New Economy -New ecology" . The congress has organized meetings with the private sector of the the African Development Bank. FCEM Partner.


FCEM World Committee Meeting, July 23 to 26, 2010 held in Cancun, Mexico

The FCEM World Committee Meeting was organised by AMMJE (Mexican Association of Women Entrepreneurs) with a strong presence of high-level representatives of the national and local Mexican Government. Concurrently a very successful exhibition and trade fair of goods, tourism and services: ?International Forum 2010 ?Enterprising Women? was held. In keeping with the primary goal to create opportunities for women entrepreneurs from different regions of the world to which the meeting in Cancun made a very important contribution. Among the major outcomes and areas of focus for FCEM include: to establish in Mexico a microfinance structure to support the activities of women entrepreneurs with the assistance of the Mexican government; to inaugurate in September an FCEM office that the Mexican Association of Women Entrepreneurs (AMMJE) is setting up in Mexico; to further reinforce its cooperation with the African Development Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank, the European Union and other development banks and institutions concerned with the countries of the members of FCEM from the five continents. Other important actions realised was the signing of an agreement between the national associations of women entrepreneurs of Mexico (AMMJE) and the USA (NAWBO) was signed and the foundation for such a cooperation project between Mexico (AMMJE) and Italy (AIDDA) was laid.


The FCEM Day annual celebration


FCEM Steering Committee 27 to 29 March, 2010 organized in Tunis by the CNFCE

The FCEM World President Fran?oise Foning, chaired the meeting of FCEM Steering Committee in Tunis, Tunisia, March 27 and 28, 2010. The quorum was attained, because almost all the members of the Steering Committee were present for the work meetings over two days. The conference of OECD/MENA on the topic ?the organization of the co-operation and economic development? had as main aim the development of the private sector enterprise with an emphasis on women.


Display of a new collection of design clothes for the house

On December, 17th the exhibition space of Gallery of design/bulthaup will turn to a magic drawing room where in cosy atmosphere will take place display of a new collection of design clothes for the house LowFat. We wait for you on a visit at 19.30 to the address: Big Konjushennaja, the house 2, the first main entrance, 4 floor


AWBR General Assembly


57th FCEM World Congress, Younde, Cameroon

The outcome and recommendations of the statutory meetings, the workshops and the conference proceedings are summarized in the following recommended follow-up actions to: . Build a dynamic partnership with the United Nations and its specialised agencies and organisations with the view to foster and reinforce women-s entrepreneurship. . Consolidate relations and working partnerships with the international and regional institutions, sponsors and participants at the 57 th FCEM World Congress, and to work for the creation and implementation of projects aimed at the promotion of women entrepreneurs. . Establish and extend financing mechanisms for women entrepreneurs of micro-credit projects, guarantee funds, and the creation of women-s banks, for example the project that will be taking form in Mexico, and that will be launched on the African continent. . Establish the FCEM regional association groups for: . Europe; . Americas; . Africa; . Asia . Establish integrated national centers for women entrepreneurs with fully equipped material and immaterial infrastructures, services and technologies, for FCEM National Associations. Component of WEWIN . Reinforce the training of women entrepreneurs in communication and in the utilisation of the new technologies and to promote the integration of entrepreneurs into FCEM-CandGo Platform and B2B Marketplace to increase their business, visibility and opportunities at the national, regional and international levels. Component of WEWIN . Build capacity in product development and diversification, in international trade and access to markets, in meeting international quality standards and other important trade services. . Develop a strategy on economic intelligence, strategic watch, facilitating the dissemination of business information among members . Create an FCEM Solidarity Action Project for coming to assistance of the women entrepreneurs in war torn areas and massive natural disaster zones of the FCEM world, aiming at re-launching enterprises and economies.


Conference in Kalinigrad


FCEM Steering Committee, Chicagp, USA



Each year "FCEM Day" - already a tradition now for nine years - we are actively demonstrating our common values: . We encourage an enterprise culture that is dynamic and innovative and that is concerned with the socially responsible role of business and respectful of the environment for the future generations. . We seek out solutions to strengthen women owned businesses impacted by the negative repercussions of globalisation, the world financial instability and other external crisis. . We fight against the digital divide and exclusion from global markets by promoting the utilisation of Information and Communication Technology and the Internet Platform FCEM-CandGo to reinforcing partnership, networking and international trade. . We promote North-South, South-South partnership and the consolidation of women-s entrepreneurial spirit through our projects FCEM WEWIN Institutional and Technical Capacity building for associations and our WE-Study to document the situation of women-s entrepreneurship worldwide. . We actively lobby and mobilise for appropriate micro and SME financing tools that are adapted to the needs enterprise start-up and expansion and that promote the transition of micro and small enterprises into the formal economy. . We accompany the new generation of women entrepreneurs by showing them the way, through our mentoring and awareness activities. . We promote our shared ideals of: Friendship and Solidarity.


FCEM World Committee Meeting

From the 1st to the 5th of March 2009 FCEM World Committee was held in Saint-Petersburg. http://fcem.awbr.ru


Governor of St.-Petersburg Valentina Matvienko meets with FCEM World Committee members

Governor of St.-Petersburg Valentina Matvienko in Smolny met with representatives of the World Committee of the World Association of Women Entrepreneurs FCEM. FCEM is one of the largest and most significant public organizations, which unites business women in 60 countries. The Governor thanked the representatives of the FCEM World Committee for the attention to St. Petersburg and noted that the Congress organization in today's time is very important. Communication at the international level will help to share experiences on overcoming the consequences of the global financial crisis. Valentina Matvienko noted that global leadership in the organization of small businesses belongs to women. ?In Russia, this figure is far below the world rate, but small business in St.-Petersburg women manifest themselves more actively. Experts estimate that the proportion of women managers of small and medium-sized enterprises today is 40 %?. The Governor stressed that the support and development of small business has always been a priority of the city Government. St. Petersburg is now the first place in Russia in the number of small businesses per 100,000 population. ?On small and medium-sized enterprises working almost a third of working-age population of St. Petersburg, and these jobs we must not only maintain but also increase. We understand that business, especially now, during the financial crisis, needs the support of the state, and we do not leave them alone with their problems? - said Valentina Matvienko. The Governor promised to provide the necessary support to AWBR, which is the member of the World Association of Women Entrepreneurs FCEM since 1995. FCEM World President Mme. Francoise Foning told that FCEM is one of the largest and most significant public organizations, which is endowed with consultative status at the UN, the Council of Europe, the International Labour Organisation ILO, the European Parliament. Among the priorities of the Association - promoting national association of women entrepreneurs to represent the business on a global level, as well as financial support to aspiring entrepreneurs. Mme. Francoise Foning invited all Russian businessmen to actively participate in the programs and projects of FCEM. Mme. Francoise Foning thanked Mme. Valentina Matvienko for hosting high-level and invited her as a guest of honor at the 57 International Congress of the World Association of Women Entrepreneurs FCEM.


Competition "Woman of the Year"


FCEM World Committee Meeting, St.-Petersburg, March 1-5, 2009, website: http://fcem.awbr.ru

web address for more information: http://fcem.awbr.ru To the participants of the World Committee meeting of the World Association of women entrepreneurs (FCEM) Dear friends! I-m glad to welcome participants of the World Committee Meeting of the World Association of women entrepreneurs in St.-Petersburg. For our city it is the great honor and responsibility - to host the most active and successful representatives of the world of business. Meeting on the coasts of Neva becomes one of key events of "Petersburg week LWoman of the year., organized at support of the government of St.-Petersburg. Already during more then 60 years the World Association unites business women of 60 countries, helps them to show enterprise talent and to strengthen the authority in the business-community. In many respects owing to this organization in the world the quantity of enterprises headed by women increases. St.-Petersburg is the bright acknowledgement for that. Today in our city women are the heads of almost over half of all small and medium size enterprises, achieve serious successes in the finance and housing-and-municipal branch, in manufacture, in private education and in sphere of services. The history knows many examples when women were leading the world - stopped wars, restored enterprises from ruins, created a basis for the economy development. By virtue of natural intuition and sense of responsibility for well-being of the family women can find a way out of any, most complex situation. Today, when many states have appeared under pressure of world crisis, the female "master's" approach to any business will help us to keep stability and will give confidence of tomorrow. The future of the world is in hands of women. I wish participants of the event fruitful discussions and, certainly, further successes in business, and also the most pleasant impressions of a meeting with our wonderful city. Governor of Saint-Petersburg V.I.Matvienko


XV Jubilee International Conference Women Changing the World

XV Jubilee International Conference Women Changing the World XV JUBILEE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE "WOMEN CHANGING THE WORLD" will be held from 27 to 29 November 2008 in St. Petersburg. The conference, being held by ST. Petersburg Social and Economic Institute for 15 years, will once again provide an excellent opportunity for women-leaders, entrepreneurs, scientists, politicians, heads of NGOs from the regions of Russia, CIS countries, Baltic states, Europe and Nordic countries to share experience in realization of projects aimed at the development of democracy and international humanitarian cooperation, to promote professional and personal contacts. One of the important goals of the conference is to launch the discussion on a role of women-leaders in solving key problems of social and economic development of modern Europe and Russia and implementation of national projects. The conference will also focus on a presentation of programs to be implemented within the framework of THE YEAR OF A FAMILY declared by President . The following issues will become a focus of panel discussions, round tables and workshops: The impact of innovative processes on the improvement of the welfare of the nation The role of women in promoting innovations in all the spheres of public life. The role of women's entrepreneurship in upgrading of social infrastructure Public health care as a matter of national security. The care of women and demography problems. Women of 45+. How to become courageous enough to change your own life and to succeed. How to change the public opinion of mature women's role in society. Demography, employment and labour market: challenges, problems and solutions. Strengthening of the institution of family as one of top priorities in the social development of modern society. Family without violence - society without terrorism. Problems of fatherhood training etc. Within the framework of the conference there will be organized some seminars on the following problems of small-scale businesses and upgrading the professional competence of managers: Innovative development is a way to accessible and quality education at every stage of a professional career. Creativity and innovations: from original ideas to their realization. Modern integrated marketing communications and their role in an enterprise development strategy and achieving desirable financial results. Time and life balance: how to cope with the lack of time in your private and professional life? Personal branding and its advantages etc.


AWBR Members welcomed members of Julin Provincial Women's Federation, China in St.Petersburg

In the beginning of September 2008 AWBR members had a meeting with members of Julin Provincial Women's Federation, China, in St.Petersburg. In the unique atmosphere of antique salon "Treasures of Saint-Petersburg" at Vladimirskij 4. women entrepreneurs from China and Russia carried out fruitful negotiations concerning future possibilities for cooperation and business development.


AWBR Members welcomed members of AIDDA in St.Petersburg

In the end of August 2008 AWBR members had a meeting with AIDDA members in Saint-Petersburg. Mme. Rina Milano, designer from Florence, owner of a fashion salon, presented her models in antique salon "Treasures of Saint-Petersburg" at Vladimirskij 4.


56th FCEM World Congress, Brussels, Belgium


FCEM Steering Committee Be -On top of the World' in Iceland

Margret Kristmanndottir and the dynamic members of the Iceland association of women entrepreneurs FKA, extends a warm invitation to all to the programme of the FCEM Steering Committee and Networking FCEM, which they are organising June 4 to 7, 2008 in the capital, Reykjavik. It is without question that this is an excellent occasion for FCEM and its members, in Iceland on Top of the World. to radiate and share their experience with, and to get to know the women entrepreneurs throughout the Northern Hemisphere. Here is a preview of the planned programme ICELAND "On Top of the World" June 4: Arrival of Participants, welcome cocktail June 5: Site Seeing around Reykjavik, Lunch, Visits to companies owned by FKA members, Networking cocktail, Dinner June 6: Steering Committee meeting, Lunch, Steering Committee Meeting, Dinner June 7: Site Seeing


FCEM Day for Women Entrepreneurs

The idea initiated during the FCEM World Committee meeting in Berlin in July 2000, the declaration of an annual FCEM Day to be celebrated on the Third Friday of May was voted and confirmed in unanimity during the World Committee meeting held October 3, 2000 during the 48 th FCEM World Congress in Tunis, Tunisia. Each year since 2001, FCEM Day has been celebrated on the third Friday of the month of May by the FCEM member associations and friends of FCEM all around the world.


FCEM World Committee Meeting, Italy, Florence

FCEM World Committee meeting, Florence, Italy, 24 - 28 April 2008. Under the patronage of General of the Airforce Brigade Settimo Caputo, Commandant of the Institute of Aeronautic and Military sciences of Italy, the association of Italian women entrepreneurs AIDDA organized April 24 to 28, 2008, the meeting of the FCEM World Committee under the theme "Global warming and Enterprise Strategies for Enterprises" The day of April 24 was dedicated to the meeting of the Steering Committee which was held at the private residence of Laura Gucci AIDDA President. On April 25, the FCEM World Committee was organized inside the halls of the Institute of Aeronautic and Military Sciences, presided over by Françoise Foning, FCEM World President with the participation of numerous delegations for FCEM member associations from around the globe. The conference on the theme "Global Warming and the strategies of enterprises" featured presentations from the eminent experts in the field Professor Giampiero Maracchi, Director of the Institute of Biometeorology, Professor Antonio Brambati of the University of Trieste, and Gianni Morra, Director of the Center of Research of Fiat. The conclusions of the conference were presented by Secretary General FCEM, Etta Carignani. FCEM was honored by the presence of the Mayor of Florence who gave the opening address of the conference. Among the highlights of the World Committee, included : . Ceremony of the flags of the 60 countries of the FCEM network . The conference on Global Warming, . The planting of the symbolic tree. The conclusion of the four days of intense work was drafted in the "FCEM Declaration of Florence".


St.-Petersburg Week "Woman of the Year"

Dear members of LE FEMMES CHEFS D'ENTERPRISES MONDIALES, Dear friends. It is with great pleasure that we have the honor of inviting you to Saint-Petersburg week ?Woman of the Year., which will take place in St.-Petersburg from the 3rd to the 7th of March 2008. Russian women entrepreneurs would be very excited to receive you as our most distinguished guest. We have brought together women business leaders from Russia to share best practices in advancing women-s economic status globally, with a strong emphasis on fostering cross-border alliances. Owing to FCEM this event is unique in its ability to bring together women leaders from business, enterprises of all sizes, women business organizations in a forum that binds them together to share winning strategies that expand women-s economic opportunities. We will have opportunity to see the unique restored interiors of the Peter and Paul Fortress and Ekaterininskij palace in Pushkin. The evening program will include the White Evening traditionally devoted to Business Women and the Evening of Freesia where "Woman of the year" premium presentation will pass, and also reception from the Governor of St.-Petersburg. Each evening of this week is going to be unforgettable. During these four spring days the following events will take place: - "Woman of the new century" International conference for members of FCEM and other guests. - "Woman of the new century" exhibition, where women of St. Petersburg, our guests from other cities and countries will present achievements of their companies and enterprises. - Contest "Businesswoman". This contest will be held in St. Petersburg for the 10th time, it defines best woman entrepreneur. - Contest "Woman of the year" will take place for the first time. Best of the best will be defined in 12 nominations. Professional jury will make the final decision. - St. Petersburg-s week "Woman of the year" is included into the schedule of socially important events carried out by the Government of St.-Petersburg and supported by information partners v leading mass media of St.- Petersburg. Ludmila Chubatyuk AWBR President FCEM Vice President


Highly memorable FCEM Steering Committee organized by the Monaco Association of Women

The capital of the Principality of Monaco, was the venue for the first Steering Committee meeting of the year organised January 31 to February 2, 2008 by the Monaco association of women entrepreneurs AFCEM, under the High Patronage of His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco. FCEM members participating at the steering committee included: The FCEM World President Françoise Foning, the FCEM Secretary General Etta Carignani, the Assistant Secretary General Dagmar Steinmetz, the FCEM vice-presidents: Reyne Cienzo, Lidia Angeli, Micheline Briclet, Ludmila Chubatiuk, Laura Gucci, Tatjana Hine, and Desma Reid Coleman, and Ally Karlsdottir, FCEM Vice Commissioner for Europe. The FCEM members were honored at the welcoming reception by the presence of HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco, keenly aware of the situation of women-s entrepreneurship at the national and international levels, spoke at length with the members of the FCEM Steering Committee. A visit to the cosmetics products company v Akileine v gave the owner Anne Marie Noir, the opportunity to provide an overview to the Steering Committee members of Monaco where she indicated that there are thousands of women business owners from all sectors of economic activity. She indicated that Monte Carlo is much more than a fiscal paradise, that it is world renowned for sports events, and is a very international city that is the headquarters of numerous enterprises. In the name of the world association of women entrepreneurs FCEM, the FCEM World President thanked HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco, for having accorded to the Steering Committee the great honor and privilege to have the meeting organised under His High Patronage in the princely city. She thanked as well the President of AFCEM Elizabeth Ritter-Moati, and the members of the Monaco association for their warm hospitality and for the resounding success of the Steering Committee. At the end of the work of the Steering Committee, which was undertaken in a positive, concrete manner and in an ambiance and environment conducive to dialog and harmony -- the members of the FCEM Steering Committee documented their commitment, their engagement and the decisions taken together in the issuing of L The FCEM Declaration of Monaco..


55th FCEM World Congress, an opening of the Eastern Horizons

Many thanks go to all the members of the FCEM network, partners and friends from the five continents who participated at the 55 th FCEM World Congress, who made the congress a resounding success. Thank you to EBWA v the association of women entrepreneurs of Egypt - who organized the congress in Cairo, Egypt, November 23 to 28, 2007, under the High Patronage of the First Lady of Egypt, Mrs. Suzanne Moubarak. And last but not least, many thanks to the OECD for the opportunity to organize on November 27 the Joint Forum FCEM/OECD Women Leaders, in parallel with the 2 nd OECD-MENA Ministers Meeting. The 55th FCEM World Congress will be long remembered as an important opening for FCEM to the Middle and Near East horizons!


Competition "Business Woman"


54th FCEM World Congress. Lubliana, Slovenia. October 20 - 25 2006.

Declaration of the 54th FCEM World Congress, of Ljubljana, Slovenia Organised by GIZ PODJETNOST Under the theme: .The Future Belongs to the Enterprising. October 20-25, 2006 The FCEM World President Françoise Foning, the members of the FCEM Steering Committee the members of the FCEM World Committee, the invited candidate national associations of women entrepreneurs, as the result of three days of unified work and exchanges of information and ideas, within the context of the theme .The Future Belongs to the Enterprises. declare their engagement in the realisation of the following action and activities: 1. To furthermore reinforce the existing FCEM network of members and friends through increased and interactive communication, missions and networking among the national associations and the outreach mobilisation by members association of non-member countries in their region. 2. To strengthen the physical presence and visibility of FCEM through the reinforcement of FCEM representation and office in strategic locations: FCEM Legal Headquarters Paris; the FCEM Secretariat in Tunis, the Fundraising and Projects Financing office in Geneva, Switzerland; the FCEM-European Union projects and relations antenna in Brussels, Belgium and in Rome, Italy; the Asia Region Antenna in Seoul, South Korea, the African region offices in Cameroon, and offices and representations planned for the North American region and for Latin America. 3. To implement the FCEM Action for Prosperity through the realisation of activities of the 5 major axes, including: . .Partners in Progress. Lobbying, Solidarity and Coalition Building, through: Reinforcing and expanding of FCEM partnerships to include in addition to the Forum Francophone des Affaires (FFA), the African Development Bank (AfDB), the International Labour Organisation (ILO), the ACP (Africa, Caribbean, Pacific organisation) the European Investment Bank (EIB), the WIPO, the World Bank, the IFC .etc . .WE WIN.: Institutional and Technical Capacity building for Associations and Entrepreneurs, through: the creation and implementation by FCEM of associative management and development training tools, guides and program, and the promotion of the WE WIN .Windows of Opportunity. project for financing and implementation through the regional development bank of Asia, Latin America, European Union, as has been achieved with the African Development Bank . .FCEM: Priority ICT., Integration into the Digital Economy: to serve and to reinforce associations and enterprises, through the orientation, training and integration of FCEM National Associations and individual members, the women entrepreneurs of the world into the FCEM-CandGo Internet Platform and the Business to Business (B2B Marketplace for business networking and the promotion of each specific economic sectors such as Tourism..to promote .group specific interests... . .FCEM Access Finance., through the promotion and implementation of the FCEM-AEMfe micro-credit programme, the creation and launching of the FCEM Women.s World Foundation for Credit Guarantee, the partnering with the Belgian organisation BIO for the financing of SME.s and micro-enterprises in 120 eligible countries around the world. . .FCEM Networking for success., reinforcing enterprise networking and matchmaking, marketing, information sharing specific business to business opportunities including sector events organized by the national associations and through training of entrepreneurs in international trade and marketing, to share experiences and to enrich and know-how


Declaration of the 2006 FCEM World Committee

Declaration of the 2006 FCEM World Committee Organised by KWEA, Seoul, South Korea April 30 to May 2, 2006, The FCEM World President FranÚoise Foning, KWEA President Jeong Myeung Keum, the members of the FCEM World Committee, the invited candidate national associations of women entrepreneurs following three days of unified work and exchange of information, declare to focalise on and reinforce the following actions: 1.To develop, enrich and fortify Networking of the associations nationals and the individual women entrepreneurs through established on-going partnership programmes and virtual matchmaking 2.Expand and consolidate the FCEM Network of members and friends, in particular the Asian region, for which the President of KWEA has been commissioned 3.To encourage access to Information and Communication Technology (ICT) by the National Associations and individual women entrepreneurs through the integration of FCEM-CandGo Internet Platforms; 4.To develop the physical network of FCEM antennas in the five continents 5.To promote the FCEM pilot project WE WIN for technical, institutional, and business capacity building for women entrepreneurs for financing by the regional development banks for Asia, Latin America, European Union 6.To promote and promulgate financing tools for women for example, such as the AEMfe micro-credit for women entrepreneurs 7.Encourage the Korean Government to reinforce their encouragement of women.s entrepreneurship, and in particular support and assist KWEA in assuming its position as the FCEM leading and mentor association for the associations of the Asian region.


The FCEM World Committee in Seoul, May 2006

The FCEM World Committee in Seoul. An estimated 700 women entrepreneurs participated at the 2006 FCEM World Committee April 29 through May 3, 2006 held under the theme "Cooperation and Integration for Prosperity and Common Growth of the World Women Entrepreneurs". The FCEM Committee presided over by Françoise Foning FCEM World President was organized by the Korean association of women entrepreneurs KWEA and was hosted by the Korean Small and Medium Business Administration. The event was marked by the presence of honored and invitees and speakers including the First Lady of Korea, the President of the Grand National Party, the Minister of Equality, Gender, Women and Family, the Minister of Commerce, Industry & Energy, the Mayor of Seoul, the Director of the Private Sector Department of the African Development Bank, the President of the Korean Chamber of Commerce and Industry... The FCEM members participating from the four corners of the globe were very delighted to have the opportunity to meet and get to know the women entrepreneurs attending from the countries of Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Mali, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam and who are interested in membership in FCEM. In parallel to the meetings of the World Committee, a richly rewarding programme was provided by KWEA which included: conferences, an exposition trade fair with over 30 major women owned Korean and foreign companies, a partnership and virtual matchmaking programme allowing for a rich sharing of experiences and ideas, a charity auction to profit the fund for the creation of enterprises by disabled women, and the visit to the internationally renowned Korean Folklore Village.


FCEM Steering Committee Meeting, Istanbul, 12.02.2006.

12.02.2006. AWBR President, FCEM Vice President Mme. Ludmila Chubatiuk participated in the FCEM Steering Committee meeting in Istanbul.


13.02.2006. World Women Entrepreneurs Forum, Istanbul

AWBR President, FCEM Vice-President Mme Ludmila Chubatiuk participated as a speaker at the World Women Entrepreneurs Forum in Istanbul.


AWBR Elections 2005.


53rd FCEM World Congress, Argentina

The 53rd World Congress of Women Business Owners – FCEM – was held from 9th to 15th October 2005 in Buenos Aires. The event attracted the participation of 27 member states of FCEM and more than 300 delegates. The official opening highlighted the presence of Mr Daniel Scioli, Vice-President of the Argentine Republic and President of the Senate, where the opening was held. Aside from the various papers presented by the National Associations, the Buenos Aires Congress has been marked by the passing of powers from M.me Leyla Khaïat, outgoing President, to M.me Framçoise Foning, President, elected last April in Fez (Morocco), and unanimously ratified by the members of the General Assembly present. The new World President indicated the principal thrusts of her actions : - reinforcing the Association’s visibility - stimulating a true partnership between women on the five continents - helping women business owners to integrate information and communications technology to a greater extent in the running of their enterprises. All these main thrusts aim to bring women “together to build the world”. Following this, President Françoise Foning revealed the new World Bureau which would be working alongside her: Honorary President with mandate : Leyla Khaïat – Tunisia Treasurer: Ennée van Assche – Belgium Secretary General: Etta Carignani - Italy Assistant Secretary General: Danielle Pradel – France Vice-Presidents: Reyne Cienzo – France Diop Dior – Senegal Laura Frati Gucci – Italy Phillis Slater – USA Lidia Sartoris Angeli – Argentina Ludmilla Tchubatuk – Russia Marta Turk – Slovenia Regional Commissioners: Europe: Etta Carignani – Italy Vice Commissioner: Dagmar Steinmetz – Germany Africa: Tete Nabe – New Guinea Vice Commissioners: Aline Wong – Mauritius Odette Diloya – Dem. Rep. of Congo Asia/Pacific Rim: Myeong Keum Yeong – South Korea Latin America: Mary Carmen Garcia de Jasso – Mexico North America: Phillis Slater – USA Honorary Commissioner : Renée Richard – Belgium Commissioner attached to the Council of Europe: Colette Schreiber – France Commissioner attached to the European Institutions: Martine d’Israël – Belgium FCEM representatives for the African Union: Joséphine Chambrier – Gabon Khadidja Kolingar – Chad “Task Force Statutes and Interior Regulations” managers: Reyne Cienzo – France Tanya Hine – Great Britain World-wide Public Relations manager: Marisa Pinto – Italy The FCEM World President, Françoise Foning, is: - Mayor of the 5th City District of Douala, - Member of the Chamber of Commerce of Industries, Mines and Crafts of Cameroon, - Vice President of the Round Table of African Businessmen (ABR), - Honorary President of GRAFFA (African Group of the Francophone Business Forum), - Owner of several enterprises including: ANFLO INTERNATIONAL (wooden furniture factory and export of furniture in component parts), OVIACAM (Import-Export, International Trade), SUNPHARMA (wholesale medicines), Medical Clinic of MENOUA, etc……


Meeting in Turku (Finland), october 2005


53rd FCEM World Congress, Argentina

The 53rd FCEM World Congress October 10 to 14, 2005. Argentina Organized by OAME "Women entepreneurs leading the recovery of Argentina and Latin America " October 2005 PROGRAMME OF THE CONGRESS Saturday 8th. Arrival of Presidents and Commissioners. Hotel Crown Plaza Panamericano - Buenos Aires- Sunday 9th 8.30 Enrolment 9.00 FCEM Steering Committee Meeting 12.30 Lunch 13.45 Steering Committee Meeting 14.30 Commissioners Meeting 20.00 Cocktail Dinner Monday 10th 8.00 Enrolment 9.00 World Committee Meeting (closing session) 12.30 Lunch 14.30 World Committee Meeting (opening session) 20.00 Dinner and show at a Tango Cabaret place. Tuesday 11th 9.00 Enrolment 10.00 Inauguration of the FCEM World Congress at the Parliament´s Blue Hall. Flag ceremony Inauguration Speeches. 13.00 Lunch 15.00 FCEM General Assembly at the Panamericano Crown Plaza Hotel. 20.30 Dinner and folk show at the Crown Plaza Panamericano Hotel. * During the whole day a showroom of products, services and business will be open for visits. Wednesday 12th 9.00 Lectures: Latin America: countries, characteristics, cultural identity, natural resources, markets and trade. 13.00 Lunch 15.00 Lectures by FCEM member, entrepreneurial training, networking and marketing. 20.30 Gala Dinner at the Crown Plaza Panamericano Hotel. * During the whole day a showroom of products, services and business will be open for visits. Thursday 13th 9.00 Lectures 13.00 Lunch and afteroon at a typical Argentinian Ranch. Evening: Colon Theatre *** During the development of the Congress it is possible to attend Tango lessons; previous enrolment is required.


10th International festival of Military Brass Bands

The Vice-President of the Association Mme. Olga Prigozhaia - advertisement-production company "ELGA" Director General in May 2005 has excellently conducted 10th anniversary international festival of military brass bands. Military musicians from Italy, Germany, France, Finland, Belgium, Netherlands, Estonia, Moldavia, Ukraine showed their fantastic professional performances in St.Petersburg. The 10th festival has become triumphal not only for our country, which celebrated 60 years anniversary of the victory in the World War the II. Its perfect faultless organization carried out by "ELGA" has become the important mark in the company development



FCEM World Committee Meeting, Fez, Morocco, April 27-30, 2005

FCEM World Committee meeting is being organized by AFEM (women entrepreneurs of Morocco). Saloua Karkri Belkeziz, President AFEM.



thursday 4th of november


The totals of 52 FCEM World Congress

Dear FCEM members, dear friends, It is with great pleasure that I extend an invitation to each and everyone to participate in the 52nd FCEM World Congress, being organized by the British Association of Women Entrepreneurs. Our 52nd congress being hosted in Glasgow, Scotland, October 9 through 14, 2004, marks an auspicious occasion for women entrepreneurs from all around the global from divergent nations, languages and cultures to unite in dialog, experience and information sharing on a major topic of concern of our times, the Theme .Communication in a Modern World.. Evoking the myriad of aspects and forms of communication and communicating. We will be setting the agenda for our participation as the voice of women entrepreneurs bringing to the table at the World Summit on Information Society 2005 our recommendations for reducing the .Digital Divide..In Scotland, we will have the opportunity and occasion to savour a land rich in historic and modern day influence and to create and develop friendships, partnerships and business opportunities with the women business owners of the region. We will as well have the joyous occasion to be celebrating with our sisters in enterprise from the United Kingdom, the Golden 50th Anniversary of BAWE. FCEM thanks the members of BAWE for this wonderful possibility which they offer us. I encourage each and everyone to make plans to attend the 52nd FCEM World Congress in .Bonnie Scotland.. Cordially, Leyla Khaiat, FCEM World President


AWBR Kaliningrad chapter is established

AWBR region chapter is in Kaliningrad!


This article is available only in Russian.


Competition "Woman of the Year"

This article is available only in Russian.


''PR week in Nevsky''

From 1st till 5th of March, 2004 the IV ''PR week in Nevsky'', based on a theme - ''PR for business: Public relations in the modern company'' will pass in Nevsky institute of language and culture.


''MediEstetic'' organizes round table for Association ''Women and business''

The modern life presents special requirements for business-ladies. For successful business dealing it is necessary for the business women not only to proof health, but also appropriate appearance. Unfortunately, your work is always connected with irritates for the business, for the employees, for the family. These irritates have a bad effect for a status of a female organism, resulting to a senilism.


"The director - a female proffesion"

Association ''Women and business'' in Russia (AWBR) and the Baltic International Festival center invites you to Theatrical Festival ''the Director - a female proffesion'' which will pass in Saint Petersburg from March, 5 till March, 8, 2004.


World - Women - Russia - Moscow

We offer you the information on carrying out a VIII forum "World - Women - Woscow" which will pass from 29.02.2004 till 03.03.2004 in Moscow.


The World Committee Meeting will be held in Turin.

Mrs. Etta Carignani, Aidda (the Italian Association of Women Entrepreneurs and Managers) President, has announced that the World Committee meeting will be held in Turin on April 16 and 17, 2004 with the arrival of participants on April 15. It is foreseen a 3 days post- congress from April 18 to 20.



Business supports young talents

On January, 22, 2004 in Beloselsky-Belozersky's Palace (Nevsky, 41) the concert has taken place within the framework of XIII International festival ''Christmas musical meetings in Northern Palmira'', organized by Saint-Petersburg welfare fund of realization of social - significant programs "METSENAT".


Recommendations 51st FCEM World Congress Conference Center, Grand Bay, Mauritius, October 1 to 4, 2003


International conference "Women and Business: possibilities and boundaries of career growth. Comparative experience of Russia and Germanium" on December 4-5, 2003.

Organizers: Rïï "Female unity" and ROF "Woman and Society" at the support of fund by F. Ebert (Germany)

the Participants: the businessmen, leaders of Non-Governmental Public Organizations and trade unions, deputies, government representatives, scientific, social workers, teachers, journalists of Russian Federation, representatives of Germany.


The Association comes into contacts with Estonia.

On November, 26 in AWBR office a business meeting with the delegation from Estonia has passed. It was organized by the Association ''Women and Business'' and centre of business cooperation ''BIZKON''.


The results of 51-st FCEM World Congress

The 51st FCEM World Congress held in Grand Bay, Mauritius from 1 to 4 October 2003 on the theme: ''FCEM: partners for peace and shared prosperity'' has been a great success. With just three months for planning and organizing the 51st FCEM World Congress, Mooneera Joonas-Malleck, Aline Wong and the members of AMFCE achieved an almost impossible task. Yet, true to their innovative and energetic nature the women entrepreneurs of Mauritius came through with flying colors, offering FCEM members a memorable and highly productive congress in the inspiring surrounds of Grand Bay, Mauritius. The congress attracted the participation from the national associations members and friends of FCEM from the countries of: Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Cameroon, Canada, Comoros, France, Germany, Italy, Mauritius, Morocco, the Netherlands, Russia, Senegal, South Africa, Taiwan, Tunisia, United Kingdom, United States, Iceland, Lithuania, Madagascar, Seychelles, Rodrigues, Reunion...


The international Forum " Small and Medium Enterprises - command of time ", December, 2-5, 2003, Moscow.

The mission of the forum (conferences, exhibitions) is to consolidate the efforts of ungovernmental organizations, government, entrepreneurs, science with the aim to coordinate the actions and to provide conditions for small and medium business, and Russia's prosperity.


Northwest in Italian

Today the presentation of the North-West federal district has begun in Milan. Members of Association ''Women and Business'' (AWBR) were in a structure of Russian delegation.


The results of a trip to Finland on 23.10.03-26.10.03

Visit to Turku dated for annual fair-exhibition ''Women Skills" taking place there. It has been organized by the Center of business-contacts BIZCON, Association "Women and business" and Committee on development of small and medium business and the consumer market of Administration of Leningrad region.


Business rest in Berlin. Going on Imperial Ball in Berlin on February, 03-08 2004.

We offer you the individual, unique and refined program which for some days will open to you doors of the most prestigious places of Berlin. Meet Berlin in a Special way!


The results of the VIth specialized exhibition "Small business. The technology of success"

At the exhibition, which has passed on a territory of exhibition center ''Lenexpo'', the Association ''Women and business'' has presented not only its own activity activity, but also the companies of the women, which are the members of Association. It is the building company ''Demetra'' (general director Ludmila Chubatjuk, AWBR President), company ''Elga'' (Olga Prigozhaya), restoration companies ''Nika'' and ''Levkas'' (N. Komkova and V. Kirillovich), "Nevsky institute of language and culture'' (N.Chekmareva and G.Fortunatova), ''Company of assistance to development of hostel-traffic'' (G. Kikicheva), tourfirm ''Onega'' (N.Nikulina and R.Koshkareva), Open Company ''NITs SiPB'' (T.Eremina), JSC ''Eleron-LDM'' (L. Maximova). After the end of the exhibition the Association ''Women and Business'' was awarded with a medal of the exhibition.


Conference " Women - leaders of new Russia. Social and economic initiatives and mechanisms of realization "

On October, 2-3, 2003 the Russian Academy of Business and Entrepreneurship and the Russian union of industrialists and businessmen (employers) spend conference ''Women - leaders of new Russia. Social and economic initiatives and mechanisms of realization'' (Moscow, ''President - hotel'', the Hall of Board of the Ministry of the Russian Federation on an antimonopoly policy and support of business).


Conference "Public examination of offers on development of self-regulation of participants of the market"

The St.-Petersburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the St.-Petersburg Public fund of assistance to civil initiatives "Petersburg 2015 " with participation of Institute of the National Project "the Public Contract" invites you to participate in conference "Public examination of offers on development of self-regulation of participants of the market".


Seminar ''Bases of Pension Reform in Russia ". A seminar " Nongovernmental provision of pensions".

"Association "Women and Business " spends two seminars on subjects: " Bases of Pension Reform in Russia " (on September, 30) and " Nongovernmental provision of pensions " (on October, 1).


X International Conference "WOMEN CHANGING THE WORLD"

On October, 2-5 the tenth International conference ''Women changing the world'' will take place in Saint Petersburg. The conference is traditionally organized by the rector of the St.-Petersburg social and economic institute V.I.Kalinina.


Free Seminar "Tax planning in construction with use of the foreign companies"

Dear ladies and gentlemen! AWBR invites you to take part in the educational Seminar.


Participation in 4-th annual exhibition " Small business. Technology of success "

From September, 22 till September, 25, 2003 members of "Association "Women and business" will take part in 4-th annual the exhibition - congress " Small business. Technology of success ". The association will place own exposition on an exhibition area of Committee of economic development, industrial politics and trade.


''Northern days'' in Italy

On November, 2-9, 2003 within the framework of a cycle ''300 years to Saint Petersburg: Russia open to the world'' the Government of the Russian Federation spends a complex of actions on the north of Italy.


Programme of the 51-st FCEM World Congress

The next annual FCEM World Congress will be held on island Mauritius from 1 to 7 october, 2003. It will gather national associations of countries-members FCEM.


Message from Leyla Khaiat FCEM World President


AWBR events Calendar for the 2-nd half-year 2003

September, 22-25, 2003 - participation in VI exhibition ?Small business. Technology of success?. St. Petersburg, expocentre "Lenexpo".
October, 1-7, 2003 - participation in 51st FCEM World Congress. Mauritius.
October, 24-26, 2003 - participation in the annual international Women Skills Fair. Turku, Finland.
November, 2-9, 2003 - participation in the governmental program ?300-Anniversary of St. Petersburg: Russia opens to the world?. Italy (Milan, Venice, ÷ÅÎÅÔÏ).


Women Skills Fair in Turku, Finland

Dear Heads of the enterprises, we invite you and your employees to take part in a trip to Finland on the annual international specialized Fair - exhibition of Female Talents ''Women Skills Fair''. Fair will pass from October, 24 till October, 26, 2003 in Turku, Finland.


Assembly of Association " Women and Business "

On 02.07.03 the assembly of Association ''Women and Business'' has passed. Results of the first half-year 2003 have been discussed. The report on activity is presented below...


Projects of Association ''Women and Business" in Russia for 2 half-year 2003


Natalya Malysheva is appointed on the post of the First Deputy of Minister of Labour and Social Development

We congratulate the member of Association ''Women and Business'' in Russia (AWBR) Natalya Malysheva with the appointment on the post of the First Deputy of Minister of Labor and Social development. We wish her fruitful work, successful realization of new ideas and projects, we hope that this event will become a new stage in development and activities of Association.



On 02.07.2003 the assembly of Association "Women and Business" in Russia will take place in the office of AWBR President. The report on activity of Association for the first half-year 2003 will be presented, plans for the second half-year will be declared. The assembly will take place in office of AWBR president at 17:00.


Meeting of AWBR president with Barbara Arons

On 19.06.03 in the House of German Economy (Bolshoy pr., V.O., 10) has passed a symposium "Economic assistance between the friend-cities of Hamburg and Saint Petersburg ". The purpose of a symposium was studying the Hamburg's experience of help to the enterprises in conditions of Russia. Participants of a seminar, among others invited, were AWBR president Lyudmila Chubatjuk and VDU (Association of Women-Entrepreneurs in Germany) member Barbara Arons.


Finnish companies are searching for busness contacts in St. Petersburg and St. Petersburg's Region. The section "Our partners" is updated.

The exhibition of the goods and services of the Finnish businessmen has taken place during the frameworks of the "Days of Turku in Sanit-Petersburg " on June, 10-11 in the Ethnographic museum. About 20 enterprises has taken part in it. Businessmen have shown the big interest in cooperation with Russia, and is especially with St. Petersburg and St. Petersburg's Region.


Meeting with the Italian delegation during the festival. Italy on the Italian street.

June13, 2003, a meeting of AWBR members and delegation from Italy has passed. Gerardo Rosania (mayor of the city Eboli), Massimo Cariello (culture manager of the city Eboli), Luigi Sajja (the President of the Cultural Association DIONISO) and Angelo Vozza (coordinator of the Cultural Association DIONISO) were present at the meeting. The questions on the business co-operation, education and business in Russia and Italy were discussed. Among the others the question on the search of the friend-city in St. Petersburg's Region for the city Eboly was discussed.


Meeting of AWBR President with Eugenie Burgholte Kellermann

AWBR President Ludmila Chubatjuk has had an informal meeting with VDU member Eugenie Burgholte Kellermann - the Owner of a factory on manufacturing of hardware for motor industry (Daimler Chrysler: Mercedes); we'll be glad to see visitors from all countries to take pleasure of our fine city and we hope that such meetings will pass more often.


Results of the World Committee meeting in Ljubljana.

The World Committee Meeting in Ljubljana has finished. FCEM members from 20 countries have participated in the meeting.


Greetings from FCEM President with Femmes Chefs d'Entreprises Mondiales, FCEM Day.


''Star of Creation'' and AWBR have joined their hands

On April, 22, 2003 Association ''Women and business''. were twice applauded on the stage of the Beloselskih-Belozerskih Palace.


Fund ''Ardena'' supports the Russian culture

A memorable album and CD has been released to the 100-anniversary of birthday of oustanding Russian singer V.A.Kozina . The project has been realised with the support of Moscow's Committee of public relations, Committee on culture and tourism, a publishing house " One of the best " and Supporting Fund of social, educational and cultural programs "Ardena" . Tatyana Panich is the president of the Fund and AWBR member (Moscow regional department).


Global Summit of Women 2003 receives Royal patronage.

On June 26-28th 2003 Global Summit of Women will be held in Morocco. There will be a royal reception of His Majesty, King Mohammed VI of Morocco.


On April 30, 2003 during days of the Sweden in Saint-Petersburg the seminar on ''the Way to Success in the Sphere of Equality'' will take place.

AWBR and Saint-Petersburg Social-Economic Institute invite AWBR members on the seminar on .the Way to Success in the Sphere of Equality.


On April 23, 2003 in Saint-Petersburg an International science-practical conference .Science and technologies for stable development of northern regions. will pass.

The conference is carried out during the VI General Assembly of International organization .Northern Forum., which unites more than 30 regions of northern countries.


On April 4, in Tavrichesky palace the Forum on small and average business has passed.

The Forum has determined main directions in improvement of governmental support and development of small business in Saint-Petersburg.


The World Committee Meeting will pass in Slovenija, Ljubljana on May 14 to 18.

Marta Turk, ASE President, has announced the World Committee Meeting to be held in Slovenija on May 14 to 18. Also she has presented the programme of the meeting to all national presidents.


A forum of small and average business

On April, 4 in Tavrichesky Palace the Forum of small and average business of Saint Petersburg will pass.


Irina Smolina and Nikolay Pozdeev. The 10-years anniversary of a creative duet.

On March, 25 AWBR vice-president Irina Smolina celebrated 10-years on stage anniversary and her rewarding by a rank of ''the Honored Artist of Russia'' in Big Concert Hall ''Octyabrsky''.


The general Consulate of Canada has awarded AWBR members

On March, 12, 2003 General Consulate of Canada and AWBR has awarded AWBR members with the premium ''Business Woman of year''.


AWBR vice-president becomes ''the Honored Artist of Russia''

On March 12, 2003 AWBR vice president was awarded with a rank of ''the Honored Artist of Russia''. Greetings!


ATTENTION! AWBR event calendar on 2003.


''The Ladies' club'' has assembled respectable visitors.

On March, 5 an action has taken place in club ''Olympia''. "Ladies' Club'' invited AWBR President Lyudmila Chubatjuk, vice-presidents Olga Prigozhaya and Irina Smolina.


New AWBR web-site

New design of AWBR web-site is finished. We thank Kelnik Studios for well made job.


The European Forum on ''Female Entrepreneurship''

The European Forum on ''Female Entrepreneurship'', organized by the European Commission will take place in Brussels on the 28th of March 2003.


The Second Regional Forum of Women-Entrepreneurs

The Second Regional Forum of Women-Entrepreneurs will draw in Geneva (Switzerland) on 17-18th of March 2003.


AWBR President awarded

18 February 2003, Ludmila Chubatjuk AWBR President, general director of the constructing company ''Demetra'', was awarded with a Russian national decoration ''Creator of the Saint-Petersburg''.


AWBR work group meets with Mr. Michel Granje

February 17, 2003 the meeting of AWBR work group and Mr. Michel Granje (external communications representative of the mayoralty of Bordeaux, France) took place in Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Saint-Petersburg.


Results of the business meeting with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Salerno, Italy

Business tour in Italy has finished. 22 delegates have returned home. Tour has been organized by Association ''Women and Business'' in Russia (AWBR) together with Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Salerno. Among the participants of the tour there were both AWBR members and other heads of the enterprises.


Turkish Women-Entrepreneurs Unite

Turkish Association of Woman-Entrepreneurs is ready to collaborate with all Women Associations.


Business tour in Italy

AWBR and Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Salerno invite you to take part in business tour in Italy, province Salerno, near Neapol (2-9 February, 2003).


New Year Greetings!


Annual AWBR members meeting

15 December 2002. The meeting of AWBR members have passed in Jusupovsky Palace SPbGUPS.


13 December 2002, Saint-Petersburg. The meeting of AWBR President Lubmila Chubatjuk and madam Laetitia Poulenard (Nim, France) has passed.


AWBR president visits Italy

October 2002. AWBR President Ludmila Chubatjuk visited Italy, where she had a meeting with the representatives of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Salerno.

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